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2012 April 24
by admin

It’s quite fitting that I’m starting blogging now 20 years since my first published article (not that I wrote that much afterwards). It was in 1992 and magazine was called Bit. The article was basically small introduction how to find “unlimited lives” and hack the games on Commodore 64/128D.

Back then I was on high school so I reckon this was my first “freelancer job”.

That Commodore 128D was equipped with 5 1/4 floppy disk and cool green monochromatic monitor. It had two modes – classic Commodore 64 and CP/M operating system in 80 characters console-type mode.
I was utterly disappointed when I’ve got it because all my friends had Sinclair ZX Spectrum and frankly I haven’t foggiest idea that something like Commodore 64/128 exists. Neither I wasn’t able to figure out what to make of those funny 5 1/4 floppy disks when all my friends were using those cool tapes ! In the end I was glad that I got Commodore – I learned a few things about 6502/6510 CPU (well, CPU, two registers X,Y and one accumulator A if I remember correctly). It was quite amazing what back then programmers could do with such limited memory and computing speed. That was first time I heard digitized music on computer (I guess it was something like 5 seconds sample of a Wham! song). Seems like memory/CPU constraints made programmers pretty creative.

Anyway, back to the blog as such. I haven’t figured out yet whether it will be personal or professional blog or even if this will be published at all. I take this attempt to blog as exercise in perseverence (new blog every week, ehm ehm) and probably also as something to establish my online presence. It doesn’t come to me naturally to write something for all the world to see, but it could be fun and I hope as well that this writing will push my comfort zone somewhat further.
Let’s see how it goes…

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